At the meeting

Active vocabulary

Adjourn (v) – to end the meeting.

Agenda (n) – a list of topics that have to be discussed during the meeting.

Allocate talks (v) – to give different pieces of work to different employees.

Boardroom (n) – a room where large meetings are held.

Chairperson/chairman/chairwoman (n) – a person in charge during the meeting.

Clarification (v), clarify (v) – an explanation with more details to make a certain issue clearer.

Consensus (n) – a final decision that was accepted by a group of people. [kənˈsen.səs]

Deadline (n) – a final date by which work has to be completed.

Deal with/address/speak on (v) – to start doing something in order to solve the problem; to face any issue, problem, etc.

Give update (v) – to perform something new that has been done since the previous meeting.

Grievance (n) – a complaint.

Welcoming and introducing oneself

Good morning, Mr. Johnson! Please, proceed to the second floor to the boardroom.

I'm pleased to meet/see you.

May I introduce you to...

Would you like to take a seat?

There is Mr Johnson in connection with...

I would like to welcome everyone who has come today.

I would like to take a moment and honour Mr. Johnson who has come to the meeting.

Discussing business

It is a great honour to introduce Mr. Johnson as a chairman in our meeting today.

There are a lot of issues we have to deal with today.

Closing the meeting

We are short of time today, so the meeting should have been adjourned by 11 o'clock.

The question with oil transportation has returned on the agenda again.

Initially, I would like to clarify the incident that happened two days ago.

I'm glad that we have finally come to consensus.

We need to set a deadline by which the project should be done.

First of all, we should discuss our investors' grievances.

The main target of our meeting is to allocate talks.

I would like to give update to the work that has been done by our team this week.

I would like to get your feedback on the issue.

Leading the meeting

I would like to hear Mr. Johnson's opinion on the topic.

Has anyone anything to add?

Let's start with the first item on our agenda.

Thank you so much, Mr. Johnson for your detailed report. Let's move on.

I suppose that this discussion is a bit off topic. I would prefer getting back to our main issue.

This problem is outside the scope of our discussion.

I'm afraid we don't have enough time to discuss the issue. It would be better to keep it for our next meeting.

Thank you all for attending our meeting. It looks like we have discussed all items on the agenda. Hope to see you all next week.