Making an appointment

Making appointments is a very important part in business conversation. We can even assume that it is the core thing for this field of activity because we make business and solve different kinds of problems during meetings. 

Here is a list of expressions and words that will help you learn how to make an appointment in English.

Active vocabulary

Appointment (n) – an arrangement to meet with someone at a certain place and time. Sounds very formal.

Cancel (v) – to decide that something that has been scheduled before will not happen.

Convenient/suitable (adj) – something that fits our schedule, location, etc.

Make a date (v) – to arrange a meeting on a certain date.

Personal Assistant (PA, n) – an employee who organises work of a senior manager, director, etc.

Postpone (v) – to arrange a meeting at a time later than it was first arranged; to delay.

Put back (v) – to postpone a meeting.

When you ask for an appointment 👇

I would like to make an appointment to see/discuss ... 

I would like to arrange an appointment to see/discuss ...

I think it would be a great idea if we met and discussed ...

Call my PA for an appointment.

My PA will help you to make an appointment.

When you suggest date and time 👇

What day and time would suit you?

Would Monday suit you?

Are you available on Monday?

Might I suggest Monday morning?

Would Monday morning be suitable/convenient for you?

What place would be the most suitable/convenient for you?

Would it be possible to meet on Monday at Rivers Cafe?

When you agree/disagree to an appointment👇

That suits me fine/Unfortunately, that doesn't suit me. I would prefer...

Unfortunately, that doesn't suit me. I could manage only in the evening.

I'm afraid that doesn't suit me.

I'm sorry, I already have an appointment on that date.

Thank you for your suggestion, I will be available on that date.

Monday afternoon sounds fine.

When we postpone or cancel an appointment👇

Unfortunately, I have to cancel/postpone our appointment due to unforseen business.

Would it be possible to postpone our meeting and arrange another one on Monday?

I apologise for any inconvenience, but I'm not able to meet with you on Monday.

Could we put our appointment back for a day or so?