Top and middle management positions

Here is a list of common positions in companies. Please note, that we describe each of them in general because functions and responsibilities of each person in charge can vary in different organisations.

Top Management

In common, top management in a company forms a so-called C-suite. That means that titles of all positions begin with the C letter. These positions are crucial for the company. People who hold these ranks take the most important decisions about strategies, development, investments, etc.

CEO (chief executive officer) — the highest rank/position in a company. His functions are strategy, long-term vision, the most important decisions. Very often CEO is the public face of an organisation. 

COO (chief operation/operations officer) — one of the highest ranks in a company. This person is responsible for everyday administrative and operational functions inside a company. Reports to CEO.

There are also several senior positions of C-suite whose functions are clear according to their titles: chief information officer (CIO), chief business officer (CBO), chief marketing officer (CMO), chief analytics officer (CAO), chief customer officer (CCO), chief financial officer (CFO), etc.

Middle Management

Assistant manager — a person who is responsible for scheduling staff, training and hiring employees, coordinating work of employees, etc.

Deputy director — the second position after director.

Director — a person in charge in a company, often the head of a small company or its main representative. In a big company the director is responsible for a certain field of activity. For example, transport director, financial director, marketing director, director of sales department.

General manager — a person in charge who is responsible for strategy execution, budget, revenue and cost elements, business metrics.

President — the second rank/position in a company. President reports to CEO and his main function is day-to-day management. He is more responsible for employees.

Vice-president — the rank/position that goes right after the President. 


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