Allude or elude

These two verbs may get into confusion English language learners because they sound very similar. But their meanings don’t have anything in common.

The most useful and clear definition of the verb allude is ‘to hint’. It means that when a person alludes to somebody, he/she attracts attention indirectly. For example:

The 24-year-old signal-caller posted some cryptic lyrics yet again on Twitter that seem to allude to his feelings towards the franchise. (Total Pro Sports)

He did not allude to plans for revenge. (DU Clarion)

Several songs, he says, allude to the present situations, even though the record was completed, for the most part, before the pandemic began. (The Detroit News)

The verb elude means ‘to escape’ and ‘to avoid’. For example:

Benjamin Williams, 37, was arrested on charges of felony attempt to elude, delivery and possession of heroin, possession of burglar's tools. (Albany Democrat Herald)

To elude his foes, Bond ducked into the circus' costume tent and emerged moments later dressed as a clown. (Screen Rant)

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