Been to or gone to

It is very easy to understand the difference between 'been to' and 'gone to'. We use these phrases to talk about our visits of different places. But be careful, 'been to' and 'gone to' are not interchangeable. 

So, the rule is very simple. You just need to remember that 'been to' refers to a completed visit, while 'gone to' - to a visit in progress.

That means that when we say 'I've been to Paris' it means that my visit is over. But when we say 'I'm gone to Paris' it means that we are still in Paris.

Let's compare these examples:

Carol has just gone to the supermarket. You can call her later. - Carol is still in the supermarket.

Carol has just been to the supermarket. You can call her right now. - Carol came back from the supermarket and ready to talk.

I have gone to Berlin this month and can tell you many interesting facts about this city.

I have never been to Berlin. I hope some day I will see this amazing city.

And remember that we use 'been to' in questions. 

Have you ever been to Berlin?

Have you ever gone to Berlin?