Between or among

It is not a difficult task to get the difference between two words 'between' and 'among'. Both of them are prepositions that are used to show a position of an object in space or in group.

We use 'between' when we speak about two or more items that are separated from each other and do not have any connection. For example:

I couldn't decide between two dresses, so I bought them both.

A cat was sitting between a wall and a sofa.

Sarah was making a choice between Jake and Steven.

All of them, aged between 20 and 43 years, were charged with committing the offence around Kuala Lumpur. (Malay Mail)

It might be another competition between Jacob Eason and Jake Fromm. (

There were at least six other flights from Madrid to Guayaquil between the time she arrived and when she was diagnosed. (The New York Times)

Breaking off the connection links between continents would not be the end of globalization. (The Globalist)

We use 'among' when we speak about two or more items that are not separated from each other and do have a connection. For example:

The fox was hiding among the trees.

I was sitting among my collegues at the office.

I'm pretty sure the southeastern part of the state will be among the last places to reopen because of the cases. (WPVI-TV)

Two new cases of the coronavirus disease COVID-19 have been reported among Las Vegas Metropolitan Police. (News3LV)

Meryl Streep, Jake Gyllenhaal, among stars set for Stephen Sondheim 90th birthday tribute. (The Star Online)