Come or go

When you start learning English these two verbs may seem confusing. But don't panic, there is a simple rule that will help you remember the usage of 'come' and 'go'.

We use 'come' to introduce the movement in the direction of the speaker and we use 'go' to introduce the movement away from the speaker. 

I would like to come and see you next week. Is it possible?

I don't know a woman coming toward me.

Carol has decided to hold off having a party until her sister comes home. 

When businesses reopen, will consumers come back amid COVID-19 concerns? (

Wicklow firefighters come to the rescue of Jack Russell who got trapped under garden shed. (Irish Post)

Distancing, masks will not go away even when we have vaccine. (India Today)

Erika Perkins is just one of many people across the state who is afraid to go to an emergency room. (Boston 25 News)

Customers will not be allowed to go inside the stores. (KFOX El Paso)

I can't go out; we're not able to meet up in groups to deliver the normal tours. (Forbes)