Golden or gold

The word 'gold' is a name of a yellow metal that is highly valued. It is widely used for making jewelry, for example. The word 'gold' is a noun but we can also use it as an adjective.

There is another adjective derived from 'gold' — 'golden'. Nowadays we often use both words to describe something made of gold. But to be more precise, these adjectives have a difference in meaning.

πŸ’« a gold ring = ring made of gold

πŸ’« a golden ring = ring the colour of gold

The same thing happens with some other adjectives. For example πŸ‘‡

πŸ‘‰ a silk blouse = blouse made of silk

πŸ‘‰ silky hair = hair which feels like silk

πŸ‘‰ a stone path = made of stone

πŸ‘‰ a stony look = cold look like stone

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