Modal Verbs in Reported Speech

This article is additional to the main page dedicated to Reported Speech.

We need to change some modal verbs when we use them in Reported Speech. They are:

shall πŸ‘‰ should

will πŸ‘‰ would

can πŸ‘‰ could

may πŸ‘‰ might

must πŸ‘‰ must or had to

For example πŸ‘‡

"I will go to the park soon." πŸ‘‰ She said that she would go to the park soon.

"I can jump higher than you!" πŸ‘‰ She said that she could jump higher than me.

"May I come?" πŸ‘‰ She asked me if she could come.

"You must wear uniform at school." πŸ‘‰ She told me that I had to wear uniform at school.