Types of hotels

When we travel we all need to stay somewhere for a long time or just for one night. And there is a rather wide variety of hotels that the world can offer us. So, it's necessary to understand which types of hotels provide needed services. Another important things is that the price of a room depends on a type of a hotel. 

So, catch a list with the most popular types of hotels 👇

Airport hotel – as we see from the title, this is a hotel that is located near the airport. It is a great comfort to stay in this kind of a hotel for tourists in transit or in case when your flight is delayed.

Bed and Breakfast or B&B – usually it is a small hotel that serves breakfasts for its guests. It is not very expensive so tourists who travel on a low budget often choose it. B&B hotels are also good for tourists in transit, so they can stay for a night, have a breakfast and continue their journey.

Hostel – a small and cheap type of accommodation that provides shared rooms and bathrooms.  

Motel – a small hotel usually on highway and roads. We use them when we are tired and want to relax during our travelling by car or by bus. It is a good choice for a short stay.

Resort hotel – as we see from the title, this type of hotels is located in a resort area where people rest and relax. For example, it can be a beach or a mountain resort.

Self-Catering hotel – a type of accommodation that has all cooking facilities in order tourists could prepare meals for themselves.

Suite hotel – a type of hotels that provides accommodations that have more than one room. Usually, suites have a bedroom, a living room and a bathroom. This kind of accommodation is more expensive than other ones. Some luxury hotels have the Presidential Suite that is the best suite in the hotel.

Vacation rental – a property that you can rent during your journey. It can be a house, an apartment, a room, etc.

🍬 Note that the word 'suite' is pronounced like a 'sweet' [swiːt]