Hotel Services and Staff

When we have finally checked in the hotel another thing is to know what kind of services it can offer. And what is more important, you need to understand where you can get a certain service.

Administration – a department that deals with important issues that are connected with work organisation, money, etc. It can help you in case you experience problems with minor staff.

Basement – an area that is under the building. 

Bellboy/porter – an employee who helps you with your luggage, opens doors or just answers your questions.

Chambermaid – a person who cleans your room.

Housekeeper – a person who organises work of maids, laundry and another housekeeping staff.

In room iron – sometimes hotels provide iron and ironing board in each rooms. But more ofter you can find a steamer in public area.

Laundry – a service when you order to clean your clothes.

Lobby/lounge – an open area where you get when you enter the hotel. You can find there sofas and chairs with tables, usually there is also a bar to have a cup of coffee. 

Parking – an area where you can park a car.

Reception desk/front desk – a place where you can get information, check in or check out, pay for your living, order a special service.

Receptionist – a person who works at the reception desk.

Shuttle service – a taxi or a bus that drives guests to/from the airport.

Valet – a person who cleans clothes or parks cars. It is pronounced like [ˈvæl.eɪ]

Wake up call – a service when you ask a receptionist to call you at a prearranged time so that she/he could wake you up.