Rooms at the hotel

When we book a room at the hotel we need to understand which type of a room would be more suitable for us. Staying in comfort even just for one night is one of the most important part of travelling. So, be attentive and read the description of each room while booking properly.

Here is the list of the most popular types of rooms πŸ‘‡

Apartment – is actually a small flat for a long stay. It has a cooking area with dishes and equipment, a washing machine, a bathroom and a bedroom. 

Single – a room for one person, usually with one bed. 

Double – a room for two persons, usually with one bed. 

Twin – a room for two persons with two beds.

Triple – a room for three persons. There can be different options with types of beds: one double+one single or three single beds.

Quad – a room for four persons. Also, can be a variety of choices of beds.

Queen – a room with a queen-sized bed for one or two persons. Usually, the size of the bed is 60x60 inches.

King – a room with a king-sized bed for one or two persons. Usually, the size of the bed is 60x79 inches.

Studio – a room that has a sofa that can be transformed into a bed. Also, it can have facilities for cooking meal.

Suite – a room that has a living room, a bathroom and one or more bedrooms.

πŸ’΅ Did you know that the most expensive hotel suite in the world costs $100,000 per night? You can find it in Las Vegas at Palms Casino Resort.