Useful Words and Phrases at the Hotel

These useful words and phrases will help you communicate with the hotel staff.

Book a room/make a reservation – to reserve an accommodation. 

Charge per night – cost of a room per one night. 

Check in – when you get at the hotel you need to register at first, pay for your room and get keys. 

Check out – to depart from the hotel by leaving keys at the front desk

Complimentary – free of charge.

Continental breakfast – a light breakfast that often includes a cup of coffee or juice and a croissant.

Cot – a little bed for a child.

Damage charge – the cost of any broken hotel property that you pay.

En-suite – a bathroom that you can enter only from inside your bedroom.

Full board – it relates to the type of your living and means you have full meals included.

Full English breakfast – a big breakfast with a variety of meals.

Half board – a room with only one main meal served per day.

Kitchenette – a small area for cooking.

Linen – it includes pillow cases, sheets and blankets.

Registration form – a list with questions and information to fill in when you check in.

Safe – a secure box with a code where you can put your valuables.

Towel – a piece of absorbent cloth that you use to dry yourself after shower.

Helpful phrases 

May I book a single room? 

How much is it for a single room?

Do you have any rooms left/available?

What time is check in/out?

Is there in room iron?

Do you serve breakfasts?

Is there a shuttle service to/from the airport?

Is breakfast included in the price?

What time is the breakfast served?

Could you change the linen in my room?

How far is it to the airport?

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Dear, have you ____ the room? Prices will get higher soon and we won't be able to afford such a hotel.
checked in
made a check
made a book
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When we make a reservation at the hotel, we book a room. 

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