Get out of here



We usually say the phrase 'Get out of here' as an emotional exclamation of surprise or disbelief. It is used informally.

Also, we can use this expression in its direct meaning - as a command to someone to leave. In this way it sounds rather rude.

Examples 👇

"I am totally grateful for that. I really appreciate what I have at RB Leipzig and would therefore never say: 'I have to get out of here!'"

"Help! Get me out of here," says Florida girl overwhelmed by math homework.

"OK. I am intubated. And I am close to 60. Male. Diabetic," he recalls thinking. "So my chances of getting out of here are less than 10%."

"I don't need to kill anybody if I can just get you out of here, just by you hearing that," Walker told investigators.

“We told him, hey you got to get out of here, man.” When the decision was finally made to move Escobar Mejia to a hospital, Malpica Perez did what he could to provide encouragement.

Get out of here! I can't believe he could do it! He didn't even attend the classes systematically. Really, how did he pass the exam?