It's anyone's call


When we talk about a contest or election or any situation that is somehow connected with rivalry we often say: "It's anyone's call". That means that we can not predict the result and each participant can become a winner.

Examples πŸ‘‡

Who do you think will win the competition? - Oh, it's so difficult to answer. Both teams have been demonstrating great results this year. So, it's anyone's call.

Indeed, according to market research firm Nielsen, text is likely to surpass voice within the next three years. As to where this will go next, it's anyone's call. Richard Watson - 2010 - ‎Social Science

Who will Jerry choose? Rachel, who seems to be very smart and shares lots of his interests? Or Tracey, who is extremely beautiful and easy-going? It will be a real battle between two hot ladies! And it's anyone's call! We'll see the winner next week on our channel.

Campaigning for Dhaka North and South City Corporation elections is gaining momentum, as all candidates, have started hectic canvassing for votes from early morning to midnight. So, it's anyone's call.

Manchester City is the next winner of the Premier League as many experts think. But as for me, Liverpool has a good chance to leave them behind. I guess, it's anyone's call.