Rain check


You ask for a rain check when you can not accept an invitation or offer right now. This means that you ask for an opportunity to accept it later.

Examples πŸ‘‡

Montana tourism offers a rain check, surveys the damage, looks to brighter days. Seeley Swan Pathfinder

The president says the FCS Champion Bison will get a rain check to visit The White House since it was canceled because of the pandemic. KVRR

Then came some great customer service as we were offered rain check vouchers where, when we return to make use of those vouchers, we will pay only half the already heavily discounted price. Pattaya Mail

Airlines offers rain check, decline refund for tickets cancelled for lockdown. Daily Pioneer

He was somewhat surprised and asked if he could get a rain check. He wasn't at all pleased when told there would be no rain checks. News Radio 1310 KLIX

In the context of the semester, a rain check might entitle a student to finish the second half of the course in one of the summer terms. Inside Higher Ed (blog)

Can one take a rain check? Prince Harry puts US launch and citizenship on hold. The Times

Chris Hemsworth takes a rain check on India visit amid coronavirus scare. The News International

Trump's rain check on honoring Americans killed in WWI prompts backlash. ABC News