abide by

[əˈbʌɪd bʌɪ]


to follow rules, laws, regulations

Examples 👇

In order for us to play and train we need to abide by the rules," Soliola said. The Canberra Times

As a result, companies based out of Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar and China will have to abide by these rules. ThePrint

Nobody wants to make things worse, so we have to abide by the rules. Stabroek News

Foreign nationals that are in the country must abide by our laws. InterAksyon

Cheng added that the office still had to abide by Hong Kong laws, including the Basic Law. Yahoo Singapore News

Police are reminding New Zealanders to abide by lockdown rules over the Anzac weekend, including not travelling to holiday homes. TVNZ

Bradley Co. opens only storm shelter that can abide by COVID-19 guidelines for precaution. WTVC

Health authorities in Spain are urging parents to be responsible and abide by social distancing rules. Hong Kong Standard (press release)