act on

[ækt ɒn]


to start doing something because you have received the information, tip or advice

Examples 👇

Over the past month, Trump has characterized the law as a weapon of last resort, to be used only if the private industry refuses to act on its own. The Atlantic

If companies don't act on executive pay, parliament will have to compel them. The Times

Britain Was Too slow to Act on COVID-19, Opposition Labor Leader Says. Voice of America

Values, risks and fiduciary duties – Chinese asset owners have three reasons to act on climate change, writes Wang Bo. chinadialogue

Call for social media platforms to act on 5G mast conspiracy theory. The Guardian

Rapid Response: We must learn the real lessons from COVID-19, and act on them. The BMJ

A majority of Americans say President Donald Trump waited too long to act on COVID-19. YouGov US

The officers were acting on the instructions of their headquarters.