act out

[ækt aʊt]


  • to perform any action in reality that someone had seen before in a movie or somewhere else; to pretend or simulate;
  • to express your ideas or emotions.

Examples 👇

The policeman asked the man to act out the accident.

Jake was acting out his anxieties in aggressive way.

So you can imagine my delight at this TikTok trend where people act out the plots of different movies to the transition music from Hannah Montana! BuzzFeed

Government May Act Out Of Fear, Hold Back In COVID Fight: Rajiv Bajaj. NDTV

Some people do act out of malice, or bad intentions. Forbes

For those people, uncertainty and stress provides a chance to act out harebrained notions of society and government. Shelter Island Reporter

Over the past 13 seasons, when Bay Area kids hit the playgrounds to act out their football fantasies, they were never Joe Staley. San Francisco Chronicle

With Iran struggling under weight of coronavirus, will it act out against Israel and America?