back away

[bæk əˈweɪ]


  • when you are afraid of something you move backwards;
  • when you do not want to be a part of a plan any longer or do not want to do anything according to something planned before.

Examples 👇

Tracey saw a big dog and backed away in fear.

Sycamore tries to back away from Victoria's Secret deal. Financial Times

Top Colleges Back Away from US Virus Money. Chief Investment Officer

Hindu man donates blood to save Muslim patient even as relatives back away during lockdown. Asianet News English

Weekly mortgage applications sink nearly 18% as coronavirus causes homebuyers to back away. CNBC

I turned, pulling the puck back away from the net towards the bench side, and went to force a seam pass across the ice. WHTC News

Mitchell says as of right now the city is not ready to back away from any restrictions in place. Turn to 10

It says a lot that Democratic leaders in the House announced a plan to return to Washington only to back away from it 24 hours later. CNN

President back away from 'ultimate authority' remarks. Kwos