back down

[bæk daʊn]


to agree with the fact that you have lost or that you were not right.

Examples 👇

The protesters say that they will not back down.

Israel Won't Back Down From Attacking Iran In War-Torn Syria. Latin Times

Australia won't back down from coronavirus investigation despite Chinese threats. The Post Millennial

Scylla refuses to back down and stay silent. Hollywood Life (blog)

We will cool back down to 44 degrees in the morning and back up to 73 degrees about 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. KTVQ Billings News

Swiss refuse to back down on 5G radiation standards, hampering rollout. E&T Magazine

After receiving letter, two commissioners back down on quarantine rejection. Ritzville Adams County Journal

Samsung's Galaxy Active smartwatch is back down to $150, its lowest price. The Verge

Coronavirus: new daily cases in Switzerland back down to where they were 6 weeks ago. Le News

Kaleb Richardson doesn't back down from hard work. Clearfield Progress