back up

[ˈbæk ʌp]


  • to support someone's plan or idea;
  • to stop moving, usually when we talk about traffic;
  • move backwards, usually when we talk about a car;
  • to make a copy of data in order to restore it later (about computers or data).

Examples 👇

Melany hoped that John would back her up in the decision to stop smoking.

Tara Reade uses 1993 Larry King clip to back up sexual assault claims against Joe Biden. The Independent

There are two main options for backing up the users' data, but there are challenges associated with both. TechTarget

NDOT road cameras showed traffic backed up as far west as McCarran Boulevard Tuesday morning.

A pedestrian was fatally struck by a truck as it backed up on the shoulder of the Black Horse Pike on Monday afternoon, authorities said. Cherry Hill Courier Post

The communities have had success in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, but the government has not backed up those decisions from the regional court. The New York Times

“Cold storage is limited because the supply of potato products has backed up," Dye said. KHQ Right Now

Jenny then backed up his tweet by commenting: 'Paul's pained expression was in response to how tough the question was. Metro