bank on

[bæล‹k ษ’n]


to rely on something or somebody

Examples ๐Ÿ‘‡

She banks on you to help her translate this article.

... investors turned optimistic over reports of ease of lockdown restrictions and banked on hopes for more stimulus packages by central banks and governments. Business Today

Republicans who once banked on a robust economy and improving Trump approval ratings are showing signs of nervousness. Voice of America

The front office and coaching staff see this situation surrounding Wentz and have banked on finding a way to get Hurts ready. Inside the Iggles

I had banked on the fact that I am a third-generation chef – my grandfather, dad and mum were all chefs. The Standard

We live in a time—we live in a culture—that is made and banked on fear. D Magazine

You're also betting that the economy will hold up to the point where you won't miss the money you've banked on a future cruise. Motley Fool

President Donald Trump has banked on the idea that warm weather would dwindle the outbreak, and is planning to get the economy up and running with a “big bang” after social distancing guidelines expire at the end of the month. Forbes