black out

[blæk aʊt]


  • to lose consciousness;
  • to make something unseen;
  • to lose lighting because of the electricity loss; 
  • to lose TV or radio broadcasting.

Examples 👇

Jeremy felt sick suddenly while jogging and blacked out in the street.

So my touchscreen totally blacked out after updating software, and I wait for a whole week for the mobile service guy to come. Tesla Motors Club (blog)

"It felt like a sledge hammer," says Ballard, "I actually blacked out for a couple seconds when I came back I saw the blood come off my head." WVVA TV

The intersection of Lyons Rd and Brent St will be blacked out and manually controlled by traffic controllers. Daily Telegraph

While most parts of the emails are unredacted, significant chunks of the notes are blacked out. NPR

The windows of the Local Store in the Belgrave neighbourhood had been blacked out and display units had been positioned to prevent people outside from seeing what was going on inside. Metro

Ocean Alley have blacked out their website, leaving only a mysterious countdown remaining.