block off

[blɒk ɒf]


to close a way or a passage so that no one can walk or drive through it

Examples 👇

The firefighters blocked off the house in order to stop people from trying to enter.

'I think closing the park is too much': Police, barricades block off High Park during cherry blossom season. Cambridge Times

The Who drummer took it upon himself to pay nine cab drivers $100 each to block off the street outside the hotel. Far Out Magazine

“They went and talked to Chief (Jimmy) Broussard and he OK'd it and said his officers would block off the streets,” Monceaux said. Crowley Post-Signal

“Those areas will be taped off, there will be barricades placed to block off restricted areas and there will be signs posted,” he said.

The transit service has no plans to follow other transit services across Canada and block off seats to separate riders on buses and the rail lines. CTV News