blow up

[bləʊ ʌp]


  • to explode (for example, about a bomb);
  • to lose one's temper;
  • to start suddenly;
  • when a thing that had been unknown before becomes public and it becomes a reason for a scandal or wide discussion.

Examples 👇

"He refused to come out of the trailer and threatened to blow up the trailer with propane if deputies approached."

Police said a Somerset man was arrested after he threatened to blow up a Dunkin' shop in Fall River Friday evening. Turn to 10

'Inflation bomb' could finally blow up, says J.P. Morgan; what happens next? David Lin Thursday April 30, 2020. Kitco NEWS

Laws on hate crime matter, but reform could blow up in our face. The National

"It blew up, it changed the culture, and I'm just happy I was a part of it. And it was 100 percent accident." Bleacher Report

Coronavirus blew up summer internships, forcing students and employers to get creative. Washington Post

Last night, Twitter and Instagram blew up with screenshots of a group chat.

After the incredible 2015 world title win over Wladimir Klitschko, Fury spiralled into depression and blew up to around 28st. The Sun

On Thursday, a large explosive device blew up an armored vehicle south of the city of Bir al-Abd in North Sinai, killing and injuring two officers. Mada Masr

Abbott announced the reopening, our email and texts blew up. It was wonderful,” said Teas.