break up

[breɪk ʌp]


  • to end a relationship;
  • to end lessons at school or college to start holidays;
  • to end up talking on the cell phone;
  • to fall into pieces.

Examples 👇

So, why did the dynamic duo break up? Here's what we know. Elon Musk claimed he hates the idea of being alone. Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Chicago police broke up three parties on Saturday night, but no one was cited. FOX 32 Chicago

Police say the officers was on his way to another call when they were flagged down to help break up a fight between two men. CBS Los Angeles

Sturgeon's coronavirus strategy sparks No10 fury: 'She wants to break up UK!'

Is it wise to break up during a lockdown? Or should you wait until it's all over? Daily Mail

Coronavirus: NBA won't break up players from families to resume season at Disney or in Las Vegas, report says.

Pritzker called upon police departments across the state to break up parties and large gatherings. Rockford Register Star