bring up

[brɪŋ ʌp]


  • to raise children;
  • to begin a conversation about certain subject.

Examples 👇

Intelligence has just reported to me that I was correct, and that they did NOT bring up the CoronaVirus subject matter until late into January. WGME

We never think about how the indignity of these deaths then bring up a lot of larger questions about family. The New York Times

Example of how to bring up the topic at work: "Scott used to start the meetings like this, and I miss it... " Forbes

How do I bring up rent issues with my landlord without risking eviction?

How do I bring this up in a kind way to him without sounding like a jerk or like I'm criticizing his parenting? Slate Magazine

“I was brought up with that philosophy.” And he kept Eastman, with its union work force, in Buffalo even as other manufacturers were relocating... The New York Times

They were brought up to appreciate family, faith and food. Detroit Free Press