bump into

[bʌmp ˈɪn.tu]


to meet somebody unexpectedly.

Examples 👇

Little did I know I'd bump into Alex Smith in the hallway at Redskins Park. NBCSports.com

Cops bump into crocodile in Vadodara's Kala Ghoda circle. Times of India

This means that spaceships that are 'manned' by an NPC is also less likely to bump into objects moving forward. Micky News

It's always nice if I bump into a former pupil, or see them at a reunion, and they tell me they are still actively enjoying their sport. Portsmouth News

You'd bump into neighbours or people that used to go to the same shops as you. Kent Live

“There's not the same opportunity to bump into someone while you're getting coffee or walking down the hall,” says Bellington. New York Post