burn out

[bɜːn aʊt]


  • when a fire stops burning because there is nothing that can be burnt anymore;
  • when a device stops functioning because of the damage caused by heat;
  • when you work too hard and can not work anymore because you are very tired. 

Examples 👇

Vicky Allan is feeling it: Burnt out from home school and home work. HeraldScotland

“The Reaper” said he was burned out and his mental health suffered. MMA News

"I am at work the whole time wondering if I am going to come back to find my van burnt out," she said. BBC News

"There's nothing left of it, just the front and back framing, it's completely burnt out." Stuff. Stuff.co.nz

On being burned out in his job in WWE: “All this craziness happened. Yeah, I lost my job, all that stuff. But I was burnt out, man". 411mania.com

A STOLEN car was found burnt out at the side of a road in Kidderminster. Kidderminster Shuttle

Why was I feeling burnt out in the first place? "Because life has become too demanding," says Rebecca Creek. ABC News

Feeling burned out leads to poor performance, which leads to a further loss of meaning and more burnout. Fast Company