calm down

[kɑːm daʊn]


to become patient and less angry

Examples 👇

I'll be going back at the earliest possible moment when things calm down a little bit,” he said. New York Post

Stacey Solomon has reassured fans that she hasn't split with Joe Swash, so we can all calm down now. Metro

She said the boy didn't calm down while he was standing in the corner and she tried to do breathing exercises with him to get him to calm down. Minot Daily News

That wind will calm down throughout the morning hours and allow for a nice unseasonably cool day here in the Grand Strand and Pee Dee. WMBF

Telling someone with anxiety to calm down in the middle of a global crisis is a bit like asking someone in a wheelchair to just give walking a try. Everyday Health

The individual started to calm down some after he was detained. 1380 KCIM

Fishing is also a peaceful way to calm down during a time of uncertainty.

They guided him to the shade and helped him calm downTimes of India