clam up

[klæm ʌp]


to deny to speak or respond

Examples πŸ‘‡

Should Americans clam up, too? The fear is that singing projects out from the lungs respiratory droplets that could contain the COVID-19 virus. Patheos (blog)

This is because nervous or anxious candidates tend to clam up. Small Business Trends

“Two months ago we really expected people to clam up and be quite focused on themselves,” Mr Stubley said. The Mercury

I got a chance to start studying body movements and kids that clam up or walk out of the room. 247Sports

However, when the wounds are a little less visible — such as the scars that tear us apart on the inside — we clam up. AGDAILY

Many companies clam up and don't share information with employees. Forbes

When he asks Eric for his opinion on the matter, however, the ordinarily snarky teenager seems to clam upScreen Rant