clamp down on

[klæmp daʊn]


when you act fast and strict in order to prevent a harmful or dangerous activity

Examples 👇

Cambodia govt to clamp down on fake online news. The Cambodia Daily

A tax expert has urged the government to clamp down on tax crime to help pay for the recovery from the coronavirus crisis. FT Adviser

In this COVID-19 era, the Marines are grappling with how much to clamp down on different aspects of military life. NPR

Calgary continues to clamp down on coronavirus public health infractions. LiveWire Calgary

Beijing clamps down on Hong Kong under cover of coronavirus. Financial Times

Police guarantee anonymity as they clamp down on illegal activity. Rising Sun Chatsworth

64 vehicles seized in Northumberland as police clamp down on drug dealers. ChronicleLive

Bad masks: China clamps down on suppliers after European outcry. Nikkei Asian Review