come across

[kʌm əˈkrɒs]


  • to find something accidentally;
  • to meet somebody accidentally;
  • to create a particular opinion about yourself;
  • when you express a particular idea or emotion in speech, writing or music and people feel it clearly.

Examples 👇

This is one Nissan Sabre you don't want to come across on a cold, dark night. Wheels24

It's the most beautiful script I have come across and Mimi was one of those films which I agreed to be a part of in the first narration itself.” Eastern Eye

It's baby season for red bats in San Antonio and that means you might come across a bat on the ground. KSAT San Antonio

In week five of lockdown, some 2,000 respondent said they had come across misleading information in the previous week. Evening Standard

The key objective was to come across as constructive, sensible and proud of the UK's efforts in the coronavirus crisis. LabourList

Luckily, a modern MBA program prepares you for the rapid change you'll come across in your digital marketing career. Search Engine Journal

We come across Sanitation workers almost on a daily basis. JURIST

Some people take matters into their own hands when they come across a young animal that may appear to be abandoned. VOCM

The premier of Ontario doesn't come across as a man with a whole lot of finesse or patience for the game. Ottawa Sun

Have you come across COVID-19 related scams? Here's what to do and how to identify them.

“I'm just a regular person who has a story to tell and may have insight that is interesting to viewers who come across my page,” he explained. University of Miami