cut down on

[kʌt daʊn ɒn]


to decrease the amount of something

Examples 👇

10 things that will help you cut down on screen time. USA TODAY

The Badger is also going to cut down on passenger capacity by half. 9&10 News

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence will steer clear of each other to cut down on the risk of them both being incapacitated by the coronovirus. Business Insider

I started doing this simply just to cut down on waste, but then it turned out we had a minor event that changed habits this year. Toledo Blade

Police contracted with ShotSpotter to cut down on random gunfire and gun violence. WHIO

There are masks that can be shaped to fit your face to help cut down on the warm air hitting the glasses. KXTV

Burgum to cut down on daily coronavirus press conferences. The Dickinson Press

“We have cut down on the amount of calls we have,” she said. “Unless of course, they are emergency calls. messenger-inquirer

The idea is to cut down on how much time you spend in the store. You can download it through the Apple or Google Play store. - News 4