cut out

[kʌt ɑʊt]


  • to remove a small piece from something bigger;
  • to stop working (about a device).

Examples 👇

Of those that reduced meat, 43% chose to cut it out for ethical, environmental or animal rights reasons. One Green Planet

In the next image, she showed how she had slice into it, cutting out a small piece to eat. Daily Mail

Step 1: Cut out two 25cm x 25cm squares of cotton fabric. The Independent

Download the cards here. Then color them in and cut them out.  Seattle Times

“And once you cut out a food group like grains it makes it harder for athletes to get the calories and nutrients needed to sustain training.” Runner's World

Amazon has no incentive to cut banks out of the lending or deposit business. Forbes

However, after a heated chat with Piers Morgan in which Tobias Ellwood attacked the host's interview style, his live video link suddenly cut out.

The trapped man was cut out of his wrecked Ford Focus Zetec by firefighters after he went into a field at about 7.45pm. Harborough Mail