drag on

[dræɡ ɒn]


when some process continues longer than it was expected or wanted

Examples 👇

LA County's coronavirus stay-at-home order may drag on through July or August, official warns. Fox News

As coronavirus restrictions drag on, Americans shift online spending from stockpiling to entertainment. CNBC

New York (CNN Business) Prices are tumbling in America as the coronavirus lockdown drags on and people spend less. CNN International

Arsene Wenger reveals Arsenal's big problem as £15m transfer negotiations drag on. Football.London

Depressed currencies will drag on emerging market stocks for international investors. Barron's

Desperate sports bettors are turning to table tennis and presidential debates as cancellations drag on. CNBC

Bayer CEO Wins Investor Backing as Roundup Talks Drag On. Bloomberg Law

Hawaii's unemployed workers grow increasingly desperate as check delays drag on. Hawaii News Now