egg on

[eɡ ɒn]


to provoke or encourage somebody to do something dangerous or stupid

Examples 👇

Egged on by their president, Brazilians defy isolation. San mateo county times

What we have is small, vocal groups that are being egged on by, sadly, national leaders and Fox News.

... and the highly politicized approach of red-state governors who were egged on to open prematurely by the president. Washington Post

Egged on by Bolsonaro, who has routinely scoffed at both the virus and stay-at-home policies, Brazilians are heeding his call for revolt.

He has also egged on protesters calling to “liberate” states from stay-at-home orders that were based on federal recommendations. WJAC Johnstown

Trump has egged on those protests. On Friday, Trump posted a series of tweets encouraging opposition to social distancing efforts. The American Independent

Egged on by some friends, Khatri decided to part ways from Bhagat later that decade to start his own syndicate. Mumbai Mirror

A growing number of cities, egged on by radical activists, are taking an even more damaging step: trying to cancel the obligation to pay rent ... The Hill

"Right now, what you're seeing are two people, politicians jockeying for position, and they are getting egged on by the media," Watters said. Fox News