fall apart

[fɔːl əˈpɑːt]


  • if something was made badly or became old it falls apart - it breaks, can be easily torn off, damaged, etc.;
  • if a union, agreement or an organisation falls apart it doesn't exist anymore;
  • if someone falls apart he/she can not control emotions and it is difficult for him/her to cope with the situation.

Examples 👇

Opinion: How to feel grateful when business, life seem to fall apart. Springfield Business Journal

Why contact tracing may fall apart. Axios

"Nobody is going to blackmail the president that jubilee will fall apart", Tuju on status of Jubilee. The Standard

"Cycling is a business and we have to race this year or the whole structure will fall apart, I reckon. The Tour de France has to happen..." Cyclingnews.com

"If an infected person enters the factory, everything will fall apart". In late March, two COVID-19 cases were discovered at the large AvtoVaz factory. Open Democracy

In others, electrical cables hang from the ceiling and water drips relentlessly down. The entrance hall is falling apart. Balkan Insight

Sometimes when things are falling apart, God may be trying to remove elements from our lives. Afro American

Don't let your car fall apart while you quarantine. KGW.com

Health Canada says Canadian Tire has received five complaints about stools falling apart. Injuries were reported in four of the cases. CTV News

Flashback: When Don Shula left Detroit Lions, everything began to fall apart. Detroit Free Press

Dallas to the east will see these storms arrive after 1 am and they will continue to slow down and rapidly fall apart. WFAA.com