fall through

[fɔːl θruː]


If something such as a plan, agreement or event falls through, it doesn't happen, it fails.

We usually use a phrase 'fall through the cracks'. It means that something or somebody is left unnoticed, neglected or ignored.

Examples 👇

Victoria's Secret deal could fall through as buyer seeks to back out. Fox Business

Bloomberg said as of now, nothing is set in stone and the deal could still fall through. pennlive.com

Palestinians in Israeli-controlled West Bank Fall Through Cracks of Coronavirus Response. Haaretz

India's migrant workers fall through cracks in coronavirus lockdown. The Japan Times

"Unfortunately, lots of artists fall through the government's JobKeeper criteria due to the very nature of the gig economy," he said. Bega District News

"Workers are missing out because they fall through the cracks.Australian Aviation

"If nobody is in charge, things are going to fall through the cracks," Douglas said. Plattsburgh Press Republican

Just one in five deals fall through as 'Covid clauses' keep sales pipelines flowing. PrimeResi

Musyj says just when the Chinese connection would think he had a deal it would fall through. CBC.ca