figure out

[ˈfɪɡər ɑʊt]


to understand something

Examples 👇

NASA is funding four research projects to figure out how COVID-19 will damage the world. Business Insider India

Scientists tried to figure out why otters like to juggle rocks but came up empty-handed. BGR

I'm trying to figure out why they thought I was dead. Was there a death certificate? I really don't know anything. Tahlequah Daily Press

Advertisers better figure out their post-coronavirus online strategies 'in a hurry,' analysts say. CNBC

They say the regulations are doable — but they need time to figure out how the restrictions will work in their spaces.

It's very meaningful that we take every tragedy that happens and try to figure out ask what can we learn from it.

We've had to figure out how to do that with social media, figure out how to keep that in-person communication. Virginian-Pilot

Teachers had to figure out how to reach their students in creative ways. WTLV-WJXX

It's a race to figure out how to do it under pandemic protections. iNFOnews

Editorial: Southern California doesn't have decades to figure out water recycling. Los Angeles Times