find out

[faɪnd ɑʊt]


  • to discover something by gaining information, research, observation, etc.;
  • to learn something new about a subject.

Examples 👇

Flashback Friday: Find Out How Alex Brightman Created His Beetlejuice Voice.

Local companies are hiring. Here's how you can find out about their jobs. St Pete Catalyst

We need to find out why men are not OK. The suicide rate is increasing as more middle-aged men take their lives, but there is little research into ... The Australian Financial Review

Lindsey Graham vows to find out how Russia probe 'got so off the rails' but won't call Obama to testify. The Rock River Times

A Chinese man is left stunned after finding out that his twin babies have two fathers. Daily Mail

This is how to find out which Stoke-on-Trent restaurants, bars and shops are re-opening. Stoke-on-Trent Live

Texas Education Agency offers free tool to parents, schools to find out how much students learned this year. KSAT San Antonio

Here is what we know and don't know about children and Covid-19, what measures schools in Europe are taking, and what we might find out. Wall Street Journal

With just a handful of donations and small grants, they are working to find out how COVID-19 could affect women who are pregnant. KRON4

We are trying to find out if information from wearable devices, like Fitbit and Apple Watch, can be used to track infectious diseases like COVID-19. 9to5Mac

Detectives are working to find out how a man ended up shot to death along the side of the interstate Friday morning.