fit in

[fɪt ɪn]


  • when you feel comfortable in a group of people and feel that they also accept you;
  • when two or more things are good for each other in a certain situation and circumstances.

Examples 👇

Dave Allen to fit in well with new trainer Jamie Moore, says Jack Catterall. SecondsOut

Seahawks draft picks: How will Jordyn Brooks fit in on defense?

The piece of the puzzle: Where does Kemp fit in? Brodie Kemp on his long-term position at Carlton. Carlton Football Club

It will not fit in the sink to be washed efficiently. And, of course, it's made of wood, which is never ideal. The Guardian

Zero-waste warriors: meet the people whose household rubbish fits in a jam jar. The Guardian

“There are a lot of talented players around the world but not all of them would fit in this program because, at times, they may not be ready for the commitment of preparing for the NBA… Sports Interactive Network Philippines