fizzle out

[ˈfɪz.əl aʊt]


to gradually fade away, disappear or end sadly

Examples 👇

Newfound Comet SWAN could soon fizzle out of view.

Guidance suggests those raindrops will fizzle out by around 10 a.m. New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio

Storms will slowly fizzle out tonight.

QUESTION: If it doesn't fizzle out, we still need a way to treat COVID-19. FOX10 News

She was convinced that her affair with Mr Watanabe would fizzle out now that his wife was in town. The Straits Time

Only once roughly two-thirds of the population has been infected, and herd immunity has been reached, will the disease finally fizzle out, they ... Daily Mail

Nobody wanted to see this show fizzle out. Bleeding Cool News

Repeat this often enough, and the pandemic will fizzle out. Vox

Any number below 1 means that silliness will fizzle out. FOX Illinois

Consequently, the successes in alleviating poverty over the past two decades may fizzle out. Global Times

Connections need to be maintained or they can fizzle out. The Age