freak out

[frik aʊt]


  • to become thrilled and very excited;
  • to panic;
  • to make somebody thrilled and very excited.

Examples 👇

Why Humans Totally Freak Out When They Get Lost. People really do circle past the same tree over and over again ... WIRED

Naturally, this news quickly saw fans of the novels completely freak out online.

Marcos Llorente claims that Liverpool were “freaked out” by the way Atletico Madrid responded in their Champions League meeting.

Jennifer Aniston 'freaked out' about Selena and ex-husband. Micky News

There's no reason to freak out, but it might be something to keep in the back of your head. Springfield News-Leader

But before you freak out, this one's actually not scary at all—in fact, it's kind of encouraging.

BRITAIN'S Got Talent fans freaked out tonight as magician Kevin Quantum had a brush with death when his terrifying fire stunt went wrong. The Sun

Establishment Democrats have every reason to be freaking out at the prospect of Bernie Sanders being the party's nominee in 2020. CNN

Cable news hosts and pundits freak out as Bernie Sanders looks to be running away with Nevada. Business Insider UK

Who can blame them for freaking out during an earthquake? KUTV 2News