frown on/upon

[fraʊn ɒn]


to disapprove of something

Examples 👇

And although Premiership Rugby does have a salary cap, Brussels tends to frown on anything that smacks of an attempt to restrict competition. Deutsche Welle

Some analysts thought the US government might frown on Boeing spending billions of dollars in Brazil immediately after receiving bailout funds ... Flightglobal

A lot of cyclists frown on the practice of wearing headphones while cycling, arguing that all of your senses should be on alert for danger. CNET

Some might frown on the return to business at the abbey, so early into Belgium's tentative “deconfinement” process. The Phnom Penh Post

To build a business around theft (which is what using software that you have no right to use is) is something that the courts frown on. TechBeacon (blog)

"This is an off-the-record thing that he would probably frown on me for telling, but I'm going to tell it," Wilbon began. INSIDER

Elders deeply frown on giving or taking things with the left hand because it is considered most disrespectful and unfortunate. Pulse Nigeria

Despite the widespread strategizing, platforms frown on some of this behavior, calling it “gaming the algorithm” or “manipulation.” WIRED