fuss over

[fʌs ˈəʊ.və]


when you like or love someone you give them a lot of attention and care.

Examples 👇

In the grand scheme of things, there truly is no need to fuss over the loss of Stevens. Cat Crave

... a man in a suit made of dollar bills as he is fussed over by a team of tailors.  Habitat magazine

Her doctors fussed over her incessantly, but it was useless, as no known cure existed. Chabad.org

Family and friends fussed over me on Zoom so much I felt joyous, the joy tinged only by having to see myself on Zoom. Davis Enterprise

Plus a few fans fussed over whether or not he needed a haircut. Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Those who knew Judy know she did not enjoy being fussed over. Caledonian Record

Karma says the short-haired tortoiseshell is very outgoing in nature, but also loves being fussed over. New Zealand Herald

They all went to great lengths for my uncle Harry.” Matthew added: “He's really enjoyed it, he's enjoyed being fussed over!" Wigan Today