get along with

[ɡet əˈlɒŋ]


  • If you get along with somebody, it means you are friendly to each other and have good relationships;
  • if you get along with a situation, it means you deal with it successfully.

Examples 👇

Mysterio could find his way into the fold but whether he would get along with them is another story. CBR

Iconic Marvel villain and X-Men antagonist Magneto would likely get along with several DC heroes, but there are just as many he'd despise. CBR

The struggle is real: 17 ways to get along with your partner and family while staying at home. The National

New reports state that reality star Kristin never got along with her in laws, and also struggled with her retired NFL star husband's 'temper'. Daily Mail

Roy Keane reveals the two Manchester United players he did not get along with during his 12-year spell at the Old Trafford. The Sportsrush (blog)

It annoyed Keane, and appearing on Sky Sports recently, he said he struggled to get along with younger players during this period.

The birds seek out buddies they get along with and avoid animals they dislike — a strategy that may boost their survival, a new study says. National Geographic

How to get along with your family during self-isolation.

Rescued Horses Have A 'Desire To Get Along With People'. We learn about the Houston SPCA horse rescue and adoption program. Houston Public Media

What we have here are 5 drivers whom Lewis Hamilton has not got on with and 10 whom he gets along with just fine. HotCars