get over

[ɡet ˈəʊ.vər]


  • to feel better after hard times;
  • to overcome difficult situations, problems, etc.;
  • if we say 'get over here/there", we want someone to come or move somewhere.

Examples 👇

'America told us to get over it': black Vietnam veterans hail Spike Lee film that finally tells their story.

Heartbreaks Can be Painful, Here is How to Get Over Your Breakup And Emerge Stronger.

Apple wants to help parents, teachers get over distance learning hurdles.

My partner left me before lockdown and I can't get over him.

For the most part, moms learn to get over any feelings of uncertainty they have around this judgment and do what they think is in the best interest of their families.

"It's not about you, man. Like ok, you feel embarrassed you are not that important like, get over yourself. That's where you go," he said.

‘We have to get over it’: Lord Sugar says taxing the rich won’t help and austerity unavoidable.